But I have landloard insurance!

Why do I need this as well?

How are we different?

With traditional insurances you have to a loss BEFORE you’re able to take action. At Barclays MIS Protect & Collect we do it in reverse. Should your tenant vacate the property leaving a debt larger than your bond all your agent will need to do is obtain a court/tribunal order and we will locate your tenant and recover the debts. No commissions, no legal fees.

Ѻ Defaulting tenant database for applicant screening


Ѻ Recovery of monies owed by your tenants


Ѻ Assisting with eviction of tenants


Ѻ Auditing insurers pds’s to ensure you are covered for all those things you don’t think about


Ѻ With a tribunal.court order we can seize tenants assets, garnishee tenants wages and back accounts


Ѻ Free advice for owners on tenancy matters 

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