At an ingoing inspection 3D photography allows you to zoom in on all the light fittings, taps and appliances, plus make a note of any marks etc, eg on carpets, which isn’t so easy when taking just ordinary photo’s

The tenant, if you have the 3D in your landlord package, will get a link to the 3D emailed to them and on their lease agreements they sign, to say their taking the property over in this condition. The 3D photography is stored in the cloud and can be referred to at any time.


We have found that having this comprehensive record of the condition of the property has reduced the ability of the tenant to make retrospective assertions about the condition of the property, providing added security for the Landlord and putting extra pressure on the new tenants to maintain the home.

3D photography is a handy record for the Landlord and us and provides irrefutable evidence of the condition of the property. It has also proved handy should a landlord ever wish to replace curtains, paint etc or show interested family members.